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"New Booking screen works much faster and easier, prompt replies shows and proves mtvans system is reaching suppliers that others can't. Nice to see!" - BSC Logistics

+45% More Loads in 2011

In the Q1 of 2011, mtvan received in excess of 45.9% more courier work when compared to the same time last year. We continue to see more and more work on mtvan.

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Since we upgraded our courier directory, we’ve seen a huge increase in vendors searching for couriers with the right van in the right area to cover their work.

Courier Work Alerts

We look at your home location and empty location to make sure we send you relevant work alerts. You can specify your vehicle types in the account control panel.

10 Years Serving The Industry

We’ve been providing services to the logistics & transport industry for quite a while now (since September 2000 to be precise). Read more about us.

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Keep up to date with us on our new site blog. We'll be aiming to report on site updates, our plans, courier industry tips, alerts about courier scams and much more...