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 UK's #1 Trade Website for the Courier Industry

Courier Exchange is celebrating 10 years of helping owner drivers, courier companies and freight forwarders sub-contract courier jobs and find empty vehicles for courier work in the UK and mainland Europe.

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 How Does the Courier Exchange Work?

  • 'Company A' enters a courier job on the Exchange job from 'location 1' to 'location 2'.
  • The system matches the job with any of our accredited members local to location 1 and any members travelling through location 1 at the right time with the right size vehicle.
  • The system sends a notification to all the matched members by email or SMS.
  • Members that have been matched will call 'Company A' with a price and availability IF they are interested.
  • 'Company A' chooses the member they want to do the job and confirms it.
  • 'Company A' gets the job covered by a professional courier at a good rate. The sub-contractor gets a good outbound job or maximises their empty vehicle on a return journey.
  • Both parties have now made a new and valuable contact.
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We also have some of the most reliable industry suppliers on our website - view our panel of specialist courier insurance brokers.

The Courier Exchange site is the UK's premier web site and freight exchange for the courier work industry.  With a decade of experience we have developed an intuitive suite of tools to create a courier network which helps courier companies and owner drivers buy and sell courier work.  We have many unique features that set us apart from other freight exchanges and courier exchange sites. These include: our accreditation checks, feedback system, interactive maps, enhanced directory listings (including vehicle and specialist service searches), instant messaging system, complaint handling, and personal account management.

Selling courier work  - register your courier job on the system and wait for available owner drivers based locally or on a return to call you with their price and availability.

Buying courier work  - when your phone pings with a new courier job notification, call with your price and availability.  If you are not in your local area, simply let the system know where you are returning from and it will work out which courier jobs are suitable for you helping to eliminate those dead miles and get return loads.

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