A fair deal for Scotland

  • Send a parcel within Scotland at discounted rates...

    ...Starting from just £8.50

  • Send a parcel next day inside the UK, including pick-up...

    ...Starting from just £8.50

  • Arrange inbound shipment with no mainland location surcharges...

    ...Starting from just £8.50

Why pay over the odds?

Timed next day delivery: £12.65 up to 20kg Under 5kg on Express Pack: £9.78 up to 5kg No Surcharge for scottish mainlands. Tracked and Insured as standard Secure online booking & payment with CCL, The UK's best parcel carriers

The easy affordable way to send parcels to and from Scottish addresses. Sending a Parcel to, from or within Scotland with the Scottish Parcel Company means that you will not be charged a surcharge for any mainland Scotland Delivery Addresses. You pay the same UK Flat National rate as every other UK mainland business or residence.  The Scottish Parcel Company knows that not everywhere north of the M8 is in the Highlands. We know that Aberdeen, Inverness and Dundee have transport and communication infrastructure as good as most other cities in the UK, and far better than some of the regional towns in England and Wales, and we price accordingly.

Scottish business deserves fair, cheap parcel pricing

If you are sending a parcel from London to Thurso, it will cost you no more than it would to send the same parcel from London to Manchester. No excess delivery charges for Mainland Scotland Deliveries.  For some of the more rural parts of the Highlands, a next day parcel delivery may not be possible, but there still is no “Scottish surcharge”, the delivery will just take an extra day.
Offshore postcodes are classed as Zone 2, and these are charged at a higher rate. A list of the UK postcodes which are classed as offshore or where Next Day Delivery is not possible is included in our Scottish Delivery Postcode page. Where some postcodes cover both Mainland Scotland and Offshore Islands, only the islands addresses will be charged at the offshore rates.


Not just for scots

Other Parcel Companies may use Geography to discriminate between customers.  We don't.  The Scottish Parcel Company is Not Just for Scots, it is open to everyone needing a UK parcel deliveries.

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